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Encircle Technologies is a results-driven Android app development agency with expertise in trending frameworks such as Flutter, Swift, Ionic, React Native, Kotlin, and many more.

You might have an innovative idea, which you want to convert into reality. Encircle Technologies will make it possible. With the team of expert Android app developers, we can build the app with intuitive UI and proper functionality.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a startup, small, medium, or large business, our custom Android app development services will help your business get more reach and sales.

Starting from the initial consultation call to the app deployment, we follow a proven process.

Higher Market Share

Do you know Android holds around 71.45% global market share in mobile operating systems? With such a huge market share, it gives an ability to reach a massive audience. Not having an Android app means you are missing out on so much.

Low Investment, High ROI

One of the main benefits of Android app development is Android SDK (Software Development Kit). Developers can freely avail Android SDK to build interactive apps, which makes it less costly.


Another good thing about Android development is it offers amazing customization features. Depending on your business needs, changing market trends,etc., it provides so many customization options.

Faster Deployment

You might have an innovative idea which you want to turn into reality as quickly as possible. Android offers app development tools to help with quicker development. If you have a team of experienced developers, it is possible to create and deploy your app faster. This is how it can help with Reduced TTM (Time to Market).

Easy Approval

Unlike iOS apps, Android apps don’t go through a strict approval process. The approval process of an Android app takes a few hours. Once the app is submitted for review, it goes through machine review and manual review.

Encircle Technologies has worked with many startups as well as already-established businesses for Android app development and maintenance.

As Android carriers majority of market share i.e. 71.45%, it dominates global mobile operating systems. Thus, creating an Android app is worth it. With Android, it gives your business exposure to a massive audience. In short, the time, money, and resources invested in Android app development is worth it.

We can help you create a fully-functional and user-friendly Android app for your business. Android has amazing customization features. We will create a custom app that meets changing market trends and specific needs of your business.

Once the app is developed, we also make sure the app passes the approval process. Though the Android approval process isn’t as complex as iOS, still we have to make sure it adheres to the review policy.

Understand Client’s Requirements

Before we go ahead and start building the app, we need to have a clear idea about the client’s requirements. The client may want us to develop the app using a specific framework or he/she may have no idea of which framework to go with. To resolve all the queries and have detailed discussion, we do schedule a virtual meet.


In the planning stage, we select the technology stack and define development milestones. We think about the app’s navigation, layout, etc. We also conduct a thorough research to figure out how we can add functionalities the best way possible.

UI/UX Design

In this step, we create information architecture & workflows, wireframes, mockups, and interactive prototypes. User interface and user experience can make or break your app. A fully-functional app with a not-so-good user interface won’t do well. It is essential to maintain a balance between app functionality and UI/UX design.

App Development

The app development project can be divided into three parts: backend technology, API, and mobile app front-end. If a client has no idea which technology stack he/she wants to go with, we will pick one that is best suited for their app.


The app never goes to deployment stage without QA (quality assurance) testing. The team does UX testing, functional testing, performance testing, security testing, device testing, and platform testing.

Deployment & Support

Once the application is built, designed, developed, and tested, it’s all set for deployment. It is sent for approval. The Android app approval process usually takes just a few hours.

Encircle Technologies can create Android apps for any business industry. We have experience working on trending technologies like React Native, Kotlin, Flutter, and Ionic for Android app development. And, we have already worked in various industries like fashion, finance, hospitality, travel, apparel, cannabis, pets industries & many more.

Skilled App Developers

Our skilled app developers specialize developing apps in various business industries with popular technologies like Kotlin, Flutter, React Native, etc. With Encircle, you can expect a fully-functional and user-friendly mobile app for your business.


We understand how ambitious you are about your idea. Don’t worry, your idea is safe with us. For that, we are ready to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

In-Time Delivery

We know how important it is to deliver the work on time. Our app developers are enthusiastic; they love what they do. They always try to deliver their quality work before deadlines.

Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is our main motive. And that’s what keeps us growing. Our team never fails to satisfy our clients by delivering more than asked.

Professional Support

With Encircle, you will get professional support. Our support team is responsive and eager to help. For any query, feel free to contact us via email or call.

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