Custom API Development & Integration

Using API (Application Programming Interface) can promote innovation and save you a lot of time. Use APIs and focus on what you are already good at.

Do you want to increase your business efficiency with API development/integration? You have come to the right place.

Encircle Technologies provides API integration and development services to startups as well as already-established businesses.

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) can save so much time and make it easy to achieve your business goals. Apart from saving a plenty of time, it saves cost as well. With APIs, you can fetch functionality from elsewhere instead of starting it from scratch.

This also helps organizations with rapid innovations. In this competitive world, innovation can only help you stay ahead of your competitors. With APIs, you can create better products, improvise existing products, and that’s how you can provide better customer experience.

Importance of API
Integration With Other Systems

Application Programming Interfaces lets you integrate with other systems, without hassle. Rather than creating from scratch, with API, you can fetch functionality from elsewhere.

Faster Innovation

The use of APIs pushes innovation. To stay ahead of competition, the organization must adopt innovation. With APIs, you can create new products in trend and in high demand. This way, you can fulfill customers’ requirements fast and enhance growth.

Saves Time

Another good thing about APIs is they are great time savers. They work as an intermediary, a communication link between computer programs. Rather than creating a program from scratch, API offers a ready-made solution. This can save a lot of time and energy.

Focus On What You Are Good At

As we have seen, APIs save so much time. This way, your business does not have to worry about developing the program from scratch. Instead, your business can focus on what it is already good at.

Custom API Development Company

Encircle Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the API services company offering custom API integration and development services. Our API solutions will encourage innovation in your business. With APIs, your business would be able to create innovative products and also improve existing ones at a faster pace.

That’s how APIs can encourage innovation and also save a lot of time. Resultantly, your business can come up with innovative products without taking too long. This will also provide an edge over your competitors.

Our process of API development starts with understanding the requirements. In this phase, we determine the purpose of API. Then, comes design and development of the API. After that, we test and deploy the API.

Our Process
Understand Requirements

Before developing an API for the client, we collect information about the client’s requirements. This includes functional as well as nonfunctional API requirements. We collect information like who is the audience, purpose of API, its performance, etc.

Design & Development

Once we get all the requirements from the client, we start designing API. Just like website design, API design also creates impact on user experience. After API design, we start with development. When developing an API, we take into account functional and nonfunctional requirements. Depending on the client’s requirements, we can develop an API using a tool or develop it from scratch.


After we design and develop the API, it’s time for testing. The purpose of API testing is to make sure it works properly in terms of functionality, performance, and reliability. Besides this, the testing phase is also about ensuring security of the API.


After completing the above stages, API is all set for deployment. There are different types of API deployment (automatic, on-demand, and scripted), each with different use cases. We will choose the right deployment type, depending on the use case.


After API development, testing, and deployment is done, there are certain metrics you need to monitor. This includes operational metrics and business metrics.

What We Offer?
Third-Party API Integrations

Third party APIs are the APIs provided by third parties companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Rather than developing from scratch, third-party API integrations saves time by using existing components.

API Maintenance & Support

If you have recently developed an API, you should know that it does require maintenance and management. API maintenance includes changes in features, addition of new features, etc.

Cloud API Development

It is an application program interface which lets end users interact with the cloud provider’s service. With SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, it becomes easy for us to provide user access across various platforms.

Why Choose Encircle Technologies For API Integration or API Development?
Expert Developers

We have a team of developers specializing in API development and integration. We offer all types of APIs, including web APIs, REST APIs, etc. For third-party API integrations, our team uses services like REST, SOAP, XML, and RPC API protocols.

Proven Process

When working on any API development project, we follow a step by step, proven process. We first gather information from the client. And after the API is developed, we manage and maintain it.

In-Time Delivery

Late deliveries can be frustrating. You might have an urgent requirement for API integration or development. Our dedicated team members will give their best to deliver before the deadline.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our ultimate goal at Enricle Technologies is to satisfy clients. Whether it’s API integration or development, we follow a proven process to satisfy our clients.

Professional Support

With Encircle, you will get professional support. Our support team is responsive and eager to help. For any query, feel free to contact us via email or call.

Why are APIs important in software development?

APIs are important in software development because they enable different software components and services to communicate and work together, promoting, reusability, and scalability.

Do you provide API development and integration services?

Yes, we provide API development as well as integration services.

How do I get started with your API development and integration services?

Just email us your requirements at or schedule a consultation call at .