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Whether you want to build a standard WordPress website or a large eCommerce store, we have a team of experts for all your WordPress needs.

Thinking of getting a website for your business? The website is an investment which doesn’t just increase online presence, but also helps to drive more sales and revenue.

When it comes to website development, you will come across various platforms and technologies. Out of numerous platforms (like WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, etc.), technologies & frameworks (like Roots stack, ACF, TailwindCSS, headless CMS, etc.), it can be tough to decide which one’s right for you.

No worries, Encircle Technologies is here to help you. We offer fully custom WordPress development services. We have a team of WordPress experts specializing in custom plugin development, API integration & customization, and development (Sage, Bedrock, Trellis).

Why Use WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source platform, which means it is free to download. Using WordPress, you can create any type of project. As this platform is self-hosted, it will require hosting. Therefore, the main investment would be on web hosting.

Make Any Type of Website

Using WordPress, one can create various types of websites, including professional, business, eCommerce, and blog websites.

Full Control Of Your Website

As this is an open-source platform, you get full control over your website. Unlike non-open source platforms such as Shopify, Squarespace, and Wix, WordPress provides more control.

Keep Up With The Competition

No matter which industry you are in, your competitors already have a web presence. If you want to stay ahead in this competitive market, offline won’t be enough. Building an online presence can help you keep up with the competition.

Highly Customizable

With WordPress, it is possible to make a custom website from scratch. You are free to design & develop themes & plugins from scratch. Due to high customization, you can give your website desired look and functionality.



Custom WordPress Development Company

Encircle Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the best WordPress development company, offering custom web development services. Unlike other WordPress agencies, Encircle uses a modern approach to WordPress web development.

We believe that websites should be optimized for users as well as search engines. WordPress websites we create are well-optimized. A well-optimized website would get more priority for search rankings.

The first stage in our WordPress development process is understanding the client's requirement and the last stage is delivering more than expectations. We go above and beyond expectations.

Our WordPress Development Process
Understand client’s requirement

Our web development process starts with understanding the client's requirements. The client may want us to build the website on a specific platform, technology or framework (like WordPress, Shopify,, Tailwind or any other).


Once we have a clear idea about what actually the client requires, we go ahead and make a plan. In this step, we prepare a site map and navigation structure. Having a precise plan makes it easy to work on further stages.

Design & Develop

This is the step in which our team designs and develops the website. First, we work on visuals elements like logo, brand color, etc. and create prototypes. Then, we develop the website.

Make It SEO-Friendly

When the website isn’t SEO-friendly, it won’t drive sufficient traffic from giant search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. That’s why we make website search engine friendly, once it’s developed.


Now, the website is ready for testing. Our team of website testers check website’s functionality, usability, compatibility, performance, etc. and ensure there aren’t any bugs.


Once the website successfully passes from all the above stages, it’s ready to launch. After we get final approval from the client, we make it live.

What We Offer?
Professional WordPress Website

Do you need a professional-looking website for your business? Yes? Encircle Technologies can help you. We have already created hundreds of professional WordPress websites for our clients from just an idea.

eCommerce WordPress Website

We can create well-optimized and customized eCommerce websites on WordPress. As the platform is open-source, it can be customized to a great extent. In this manner, an eCommerce website created with WordPress has an edge over one created with Shopify.

Headless WordPress Website

Headless CMS with WordPress website separates the front end of the website (head) from the content repository (body). It hides the backend from the public. Hackers cannot view the backend, which makes the website more secure.

Roots Stack WordPress Website is also known as a modern WordPress development practice. Roots stack makes web development smooth with Sage (WordPress theme framework), Bedrock (boilerplate with modern dev tools), and Trellis (for local development and server deployment tool).

Industries We Serve

Encircle Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers website design and development services for all the industries. We have experience working in various industries, including real estate, finance, hospitality, travel, clothing, cannabis, pets industries & many more.

Why Choose Encircle Technologies For Web Design and Development?
Skilled Web Designers & Developers

Our team of custom WordPress designers and developers are always ready to work on any complex project. Having a team of skilled staff makes it easy for us to deliver the best.


It’s not just about creating websites. We have to be conscious about security as well. WordPress websites developed by Encircle Technologies are secure and cyber-attack-proof.


Just creating the website is not enough; it’s important to make it SEO-friendly. After creating any website for our client, we optimize it for search engines.


Encircle Technologies is client-oriented. For us, client satisfaction matters the most. We always try to deliver more than what the client has asked.

Professional Support

We have a professional support team. If you have any query, feel free to get in touch. You can contact us via email or call.

What is custom WordPress development?

Custom WordPress development is the process of creating a unique and tailored website or web application using the WordPress platform. You can add specific features to the WordPress website using custom themes, plugins, API integrations. etc.

Can I add custom features and functionality to my WordPress website?

Yes, definitely. WordPress is an open-source CMS (content management system) platform with the ability to add custom features and functionality to the website.

How long does custom WordPress development take?

It depends on various factors like the complexity of the project, the specific requirements, the size of the development team, etc. On average, custom Wordpress website development can take anywhere between 1-3 months.

Will my custom WordPress website be responsive and mobile-friendly?

Yes, we build responsive and mobile-friendly WordPress websites for our clients.