Custom Headless CMS Development Company

Strengthen security and improve performance of your website with headless CMS. By going headless, you can even add your desired functionality and give custom look to your website.

Are you looking for a headless web development company which can create a nice-looking website for your business? Yes? You have come to the right place. Encircle Technologies can help you with that.

Headless CMS is becoming popular these days, for good reasons. Firstly, the main issue with traditional CMS is it lacks omnichannel experiences. Earlier, devices used to access websites were limited (desktop, mobile, tablet). As technology started to evolve, device usage is not limited to desktop and mobile.

To provide better experience to modern customers for devices like smartwatches, voice-activated devices, etc., new delivery layers need to be created. This can be stressful for developers as well as marketers. This is when the importance of a headless content management system comes in.

At Encircle Technologies, we provide headless WordPress and Shopify development services.

Benefits of Using Headless CMS

Flexibility is the main advantage with headless CMS. It’s up to you whether you want to choose pure headless CMS or hybrid headless CMS. For non-technical users, pure CMS doesn’t provide ease of use. Therefore, going with hybrid CMS offers great flexibility.

Future-Proof Solution

Headless CMS is a future-proof solution. With headless CMS, you can separate the presentation layer from the data & logic layer.


Using headless CMS, you need to create content just once then you can share it on multiple channels like smartwatches, voice-activated devices, smart fridges, IoT industrial devices, etc.

Improved Security

The headless CMS also helps with security. You don’t have to face SQL injection attacks or database concerned perils anymore.

Headless CMS Web Development Company

Encircle Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the leading custom headless CMS development company offering headless WordPress development, headless Shopify development, and Gatsby development services.

Gatsby is the React-based framework we use when creating a headless WordPress or Shopify website. But why Gatsby? Well, GatsbyJS improves page load speed, page performance, user experience, and it retrieves data from multiple remote API sources.

Traditional CMS are used for managing both, content and front-end. Talking about headless CMS, as it separates the presentation layer from the backend & logic layer, it deals just with content.

There are several issues with traditional CMS which headless CMS solves. Headless CMS has a technical barrier, but it’s worth it. The website created on headless CMS will be more secure, compared to one created on traditional CMS. Going with a headless website can be a good choice when you want your website content to be published across multiple platforms at once.

Our Process
Under Client’s Requirements

Firstly, we understand what the client actually wants. Whether the requirement is for headless WordPress with Gatsby or headless Shopify Gatsby.


Once we have a clear idea about the client's requirements, we develop a plan. It consists of actionable steps to be performed to achieve the goal. This is also the stage when our team conducts a research to deeply understand the business and industry.

Design & Develop

Once we have our plan ready, our expert team starts working on the website's designing and development. First, we work on visuals elements like logo, brand color, etc. and create prototypes. Then, we develop the website.

Make It SEO-Friendly

If the website isn’t built as per SEO practices, it would be difficult to get traction from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. That’s why we build a well-optimized website.


Once the website is ready, our Quality Assurance team checks the website's functionality, usability, compatibility, performance, etc. and ensures there aren’t any bugs.


Last but not least, once the site is ready and we get final confirmation from the client, we make it live.

What We Offer?
Headless WordPress Development

We can create a headless WordPress website with custom functionalities. With headless WordPress, you can use WordPress for managing content and any other custom frontend stack to display that content. Several advantages of the headless WordPress site with GatsbyJS are improved SEO, performance & mobile optimized, better security, cheaper hosting, and faster development.

Headless Shopify Development

Headless Shopify can be a great choice for a large store with thousands of products. It doesn’t just provide great room for customization, it improves user experience as well. This. Headless eCommerce development with Shopify and Gatsby will benefit the store owner as well as visitors. It will increase page loading speed, organic traffic, and will ultimately increase sales.

Industries We Serve

Encircle Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers headless WordPress and headless Shopify development services. We have experience working in various industries, including fashion, finance, hospitality, travel, apparel, cannabis, pets industries & many more.

Why Choose Encircle Technologies For Gatsby Development Services?
Skilled Web Designers & Developers

We have a team of skilled Gatsby developers with expertise in building headless WordPress & Shopify websites. With a team of skilled staff, it becomes easy for us to deliver the best.

Dynamic Approach

Our dynamic approach smoothens the process. We divide the project into different tasks and assign each task to a dedicated team.


Once we develop a custom headless website, the next thing we do is ensure SEO-friendliness. Optimizing it for search engines increases the chances of getting higher rankings on Google, Bing, etc.


For Encircle Technologies, client satisfaction matters the most. We always try to deliver more than what the client has asked.

Professional Support

Our support team is polite and responsive. For any query related to the project, feel free to reach out. You can contact us via email or call.

How does a headless CMS differ from a traditional CMS?

Traditional CMSes have monolithic structure, meaning backend and front-end are tightly coupled. On the other hand, in headless CMS, backend and front-end of headless are separated.

Can I use any front-end technology with a headless CMS?

Yes, you can use your desired front-end technology with a headless CMS. It could be React, Angular, Vue, Next.js, or any other front-end technology.

What types of content can be managed with a headless CMS?

With a headless CMS, one can manage content of websites, mobile apps, email marketing, voice-activated digital assistants, Apple Watch, AR/VR, and more.

Can I integrate third-party services with a headless CMS?

Yes. Using API (Application Programming Interface), you can integrate third-party services. It will let you fetch content from the headless CMS and deliver it to various front-end applications.