Squarespace Website Development Company

Squarespace is an easy-to-use, powerful website builder. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, we can build a custom Squarespace website as per your needs.

Are you looking for a Squarespace developer for custom web development services? You have come to the right place.

If you are planning to create an eCommerce website, you must have come across platforms such as Shopify, Squarespace, and WordPress. So much confusion, right? Well, each platform has its own pros and cons.

In terms of usability and affordability, it is better than other website builders. Using and maintaining a Squarespace store is super-easy. Talking about pricing, you can start with as little as $14/month. With a $49/month Advanced plan, you can avail all the features for eCommerce development.

Why Squarespace?
Easy To Use & Maintain

The first and main thing which sets Squarespace apart from other website builders is its easy usability and maintenance. Unlike Wordpress, it does not have plugins. Thus, you don’t have to worry about installing plugins for various functionalities.


Attractive pricing is another reason to choose Squarespace over other platforms. Squarespace basic plan costs $14 per month, meaning you create your online store with as little as $14/month. Talking about Shopify, its basic plan costs $29 per month.


With Squarespace website, you get built-in search engine optimization features such as SEO & page titles, descriptions, header tags, SSL certificate, permalinks, URL redirects, and AMP (accelerated mobile pages). In a nutshell, Squarespace provides all the on-page optimization features a webmaster needs.

Integrate Other Tools

For activities like monitoring analytics, managing email marketing campaigns, receiving payments, etc., Squarespace lets you integrate tools. In your Squarespace website, you can integrate various tools like Google Analytics, G Suite, Mailchimp (for email marketing), payment processor tool, etc.

Built-In Analytics

Even if you don’t integrate your website with Google Analytics, you would still be able to track various metrics like website performance, traffic sources, web visitors’ behavior, search keywords, and more. And, if you prefer Google Analytics, you can integrate it with your Squarespace website.

Custom Squarespace Development Services

Encircle Technologies is the top Squarespace agency. No matter whether you want to create a professional business website or an eCommerce website using Squarespace, Encircle can help you.

Unlike many Squarespace agencies, we don’t build basic drag-and-drop websites. Building a website can be really easy and quick with features like drag & drop. But, it offers limited customization.

To build a custom Squarespace website, we add custom codes, CSS styling, plugins, etc. Squarespace theme development from scratch allows us to add custom designs and desired functionalities to the store.

Squarespace was initially started as a platform for creating and managing content-based websites. After the addition of eCommerce functionality, Squarespace has become similar to Shopify. Both platforms are highly customizable, easy to use, and offer many essential features. If we talk specifically about pricing, Squarespace is the winner!

Our Process
Under Client’s Requirements

First of all, we understand the requirements of the client. For that, we may schedule a call session. The requirement could be to create a simple business website or an eCommerce store using Squarespace.


Now that we have a clear idea of the client's objectives and requirements, we prepare a plan. The plan includes all the steps we will follow to build the website. This is also the stage in which we conduct a thorough research of the business and industry.

Design & Develop

After the roadmap is ready, we start designing and developing the website. First, our team works on visuals elements like logo, brand color, etc. and creates prototypes, then starts development.

Make It SEO-Friendly

Having an SEO-friendly website is not enough if it’s not SEO-friendly. Optimizing it for search engines helps to drive traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines.


Once the website is developed and optimized, our Quality Assurance team checks the website's functionality, usability, compatibility, performance, etc. and finds if there are any bugs.


Now that the website is built and it has passed all the above stages, it’s ready to go live. After we get final confirmation from the client, we make it live.

Industries We Serve

At Encircle Technologies Pvt Ltd, we have already built many eCommerce websites using Squarespace. We have experience working in various industries, including fashion, finance, hospitality, travel, apparel, cannabis, pets industries & many more.

Why Choose Encircle Technologies For Squarespace Web Development?
Skilled Web Designers & Developers

We got highly skilled and experienced designers & developers. Our talented team of designers and developers can create an appealing eCommerce store for your business.

Dynamic Approach

Before starting any web development project, we divide it into different tasks. Then, assign each task to the dedicated team.


All our websites are well-optimized. Ensuring SEO-friendliness of the website improves user experience and search engine rankings as well.


Encircle Technologies is a client-centric company. Our team goes beyond and above expectations. We make sure our clients get more than they asked.

Professional Support

We provide professional support with our Squarespace website development service. Our support team is polite and responsive. For any query related to the project, feel free to contact us via email or call.

What can I build with Squarespace?

Squarespace is a versatile website builder which is used for creating a wide range of websites including, personal blogs, portfolio websites, business websites, and eCommerce stores.

Do I need coding knowledge to use Squarespace?

No, you don’t need coding expertise in order to create a website using Squarespace.

Can I integrate third-party services with Squarespace?

Yes, you can integrate third-party services such as Google Analytics and Typekit with Squarespace.

Is Squarespace SEO-friendly?

Yes, Squarespace comes with a range of optimization features which makes the platform SEO-friendly.

Can I migrate an existing website to Squarespace?

Yes. No matter which your website is currently hosted in, you can migrate it to Squarespace. Contact us if you need assistance with migration.