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How Much Does UX Design Cost?

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  • calendar August 9, 2023
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Be it a standard business website, eCommerce store, or app, paying attention to UX design is a must.

While UI (user interface) designer works on design research & visual elements, UX (user experience) designer ensures better usability for the end user.

UI and UX are often used interchangeably. Basically, UI includes different elements (buttons, toggles, icons, etc.) that the user comes across when interacting with the product, while UX is about how the user feels when interacting. UI design is basically part of UX design.

With poor user experience, even a great business idea can fail. Hiring a good UX designer will ensure the end user gets satisfied with the product.

Now, the question is, how much does UX design cost?

Depending on the UX designer’s skillset and the project’s complexity, a UX designer’s cost may start from $2,000 and may go up to $35,000 or more. Talking about the hourly rate, it starts from $25/hour and can go up to $100/hour or more.

Some experienced UX designers are paid so much because of the value they deliver. They do different tests and make sure users will get a smooth & hassle-free experience while using the product.

User Experience Designer Duties

UX (user experience) design is an extremely broad field. A UX designer is responsible for all the aspects that directly or indirectly impact user experience. Here are some duties and responsibilities of UX designers:

  • Understanding the goals
  • Competition and customer analysis
  • Developing personas and usage scenarios
  • Usability testing
  • Creating wireframes and prototypes
  • Interpret data and qualitative feedback
  • Analyzing user feedback and enhancing user experience based on that
  • Assisting with content development

Communication, adaptability, attention to detail, creativity, and analytical reasoning are among the required skill sets.

4 Ways A UX Designer Can Bring Value To Your Business

Hiring the right UX design agency can benefit your business in so many ways. A UX designer would make your digital product visually appealing, user-friendly, and fully functional.

Here are some ways a user experience designer can help your business:

Great ROI

website or app. From every dollar spent on UI/UX design, you can expect ROI (return on investment) to be between $10-$100.

The better the experience visitors get, the more likely they will make repeat purchases and will recommend your business to others. To help you drive more sales, the UX designer would work on usability, consistency, workflow, and brand perception.

Reduce development cost

What many companies do is launch their product right away and make improvements in the product as they receive feedback. This isn’t the best approach. Having the right UX team would save you a lot of time and money.

Build loyalty

Beautiful product design and user-friendliness will make you stand apart from your competition. When the product has too many errors, it ruins the user experience. By coming across too many errors, your customers may stop using it. This not only impacts your business revenue but also impacts your brand image and users’ loyalty to your business.

Word of mouth

With great UX, you can take the advantage of positive word of mouth. Word of mouth is a free, but effective marketing method. To make this marketing method work, all you need to do is provide the best customer experience. While navigating your product, when your customers come across something unique and useful, they are more likely to share it with other people.

Hire UI/UX Design Agency

Hiring a UX team is an investment, not an expense. It is found that every $1 spent on UI/UX provides returns of up to $100. For the best results, it’s imperative to hire the right agency.

Encircle Technologies is the only agency you need for UI/UX design services. We are results-driven and customer-oriented.

With our team of skilled & experienced user experience designers, we have already helped many businesses boost their sales with our UI/UX design services.

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