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6 Reasons Why Tailwind CSS is Worth It

  • calendar December 5, 2022
  • tag Web Design

When it comes to web designing, there are so many CSS frameworks out there, including Bootstrap, Foundation, Tailwind CSS, Bulma, and many more. That’s when confusion arises. Among various frameworks, it can be difficult to figure out which framework is worth the time.

There’s no doubt that CSS frameworks make it easy to create websites supporting multiple browsers and browser versions. They provide ready-to-use stylesheets, which makes it web development process smoother.

When choosing a CSS framework, there are certain things you need to consider – CSS system, responsiveness, browser support, plugins, etc.

In this post, we will talk about Tailwind CSS. This CSS framework is gaining popularity these days, because of the customization it offers and its ease of use.

What is Tailwind CSS?

Tailwind CSS is a utility-first CSS framework for creating custom user interfaces quickly. This low-level CSS framework is highly customizable; it offers everything a developer needs to build appealing interfaces.

Tailwind CSS can benefit in terms of optimization as well. The use of the PurgeCSS tool helps with optimization and reduces file size. You can easily set up this tool with TailwindCSS and removes unused CSS from the file.

What Tailwind does is it offers more control over styling to the developers. This not only improves development speed but also improves productivity.

If we compare this framework with the most popular CSS framework, i.e., Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS is known for customization, while Bootstrap is known for responsiveness.

Now, we are not saying that Tailwind CSS is the perfect framework and has no cons. Just like any other CSS framework, this one also has some cons. The main disadvantage of this framework is its no-so-intuitive markup. Though Tailwind CSS helps you write less code and save time but sometimes, going through Tailwind CSS code can be boring.

Another thing is, that there’s some learning curve with this framework. If you are already using any other framework or vanilla CSS, it will take some time to get a grip on.

Advantages of Using Tailwind CSS

What’s the reason behind Tailwind CSS gaining popularity? Well, here are the advantages of using this framework:

Utility-first framework

Unlike traditional CSS, with Tailwind CSS, you can code CSS without leaving HTML. It’s like writing in-line CSS. When working on pure CSS, sometimes it can be stressful to manage files. With a utility-first framework like Tailwind, you do not have to switch between different files. It saves a lot of time and effort. This is how this framework can help you improve productivity and fasten the development process.

Easily customizable

One of the main advantages of using Tailwind CSS is it offers great room for customization. Though it comes with an in-built default configuration, you can override it from the config file. From the config file, you can customize all the elements, be it colors, spacing sizes, styling, themes, etc.

Faster styling process

The problem with vanilla CSS is it’s time-consuming to write code. Using Tailwind CSS, the developer doesn’t have to write custom classes and switch between files. This fastens the web development process.


When it comes to web development, responsiveness is one of the crucial aspects you can’t neglect. You need to make sure the website looks good on all devices: desktop, mobile, and tablet. Tailwind CSS offers pre-built classes, which makes it easy to build complex responsive layouts.

Small file size

When you add a lot of custom CSS to make your website look beautiful, the file size gets larger. This ultimately results in poor page loading speed. To tackle this issue, Tailwind CSS uses Brotli compression and PurgeCSS. What PurgeCSS does is, it scans the file and removes unused classes. This is how it reduces file size.

Don’t have to name classes

With traditional CSS, organizing each class can be a tedious task. This is when TailwindCSS steps in. When working with this framework, you don’t have to name classes. TailwindCSS provides utility classes and improves productivity, making the development process faster.

Final Thoughts

Although Tailwind CSS is a quite new framework, it is becoming more and more popular because of the advantages it offers. This popular utility-first CSS framework is highly customizable.

Tailwind is known for speeding up the development process. Unlike traditional CSS, this framework doesn’t require you to name classes and switch between HTML and style files.

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