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11 Types of Websites You Can Create With WordPress

  • calendar December 13, 2022
  • tag Web Development

With popular CMS platforms like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, etc., website development has become super-easy. With these platforms, anyone can build a beautiful website even without a technical background.

Due to its simplicity and ease of use, WordPress has become a go-to platform for everyone. Currently, WordPress powers over 42% of all the websites on the web.

About WordPress

WordPress is a free, open-source CMS (content management system). It is the largest CMS platform in the world. It was released on May 2003 by its founders: Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.

WordPress was originally developed as a blog publishing system. Over time, it gained popularity as a one-stop solution for creating different types of websites, including blogs, business sites, membership sites, learning management systems (LMS), and eCommerce stores.

11 Types of Websites You Can Create With WordPress

Here are different types of websites you can build using WordPress:

A Blog or Personal Website

WordPress originally started out as a blogging platform. A blog is like an online diary. If you want to create a website where you can share your experiences and expertise, WordPress can be a good platform.

Depending on your requirements, you can create a personal blog or a multi-author blog using WordPress. It offers plenty of free and paid plugins to make blogging easy.

Business Website

WordPress is also very popular for creating business websites. Numerous free and paid themes make it easy to create eye-pleasing business websites. Plugins, on the other hand, help to add essential functionalities to the website.

Business owners with little to no programming knowledge can also create beautiful business websites using WordPress.

eCommerce Website

With WordPress, you can create a beautiful online store with all essential functionalities. WooCommerce is a popular WordPress plugin for eCommerce. You can create an online store, add your products, add payment methods, manage inventory, orders, and shipping, and do a lot more with this tool.

Portfolio Website

Having a portfolio website is a nice way to showcase your skills and expertise. Whether you are a freelancer, a working professional, or an agency, a portfolio website lets you show your past work to your potential clients/employer.

Membership Website

A membership website hosts premium content exclusive to its members. Membership websites are used by non-profits, associations, and even businesses. In order to get access to the content, the user needs to sign up. Membership could be free or paid. Content could be blogs, videos, digital products, courses, live webinars, forums, or exclusive downloads.

Online Course Website

Do you want to create a website to sell your online course? WordPress is the best platform to start. Install LearnDash, Sensei, LearnPress, or LifterLMS plugins on your WordPress website to create a fully-functional course-selling website.

Forums and Online Communities

If you already have a business, you can build an online community by creating a forum website on WordPress. It can benefit your business in a number of ways. Besides helping with customer support and enhancing engagement, having a forum will also improve search rankings, build trust, and help you identify problems faster.

Dropshipping Website

Dropshipping is similar to eCommerce. The only difference is that with dropshipping, you don’t need to maintain inventory. When a customer places an order on the dropshipping website, the dropshipper places an order with a third-party supplier. The supplier then directly ships the product to the customer.

Business Directory Website

As the name suggests, the business directory website has various businesses listed on it. Under this type of website, businesses can be categorized based on location, size, industry, etc. Some examples are Yelp, Brownbook, and Yellow Pages.

News Website

With WordPress, you can create a website where you can share the latest news and updates. You can create a news website on a particular niche or location. For example, TechCrunch is a news website on technology. You will find so many themes and plugins on WordPress to build a news website.

Affiliate Website

Affiliate marketing is about promoting other’s products and earning commissions for every sale you generate for that business. Depending on the (physical or digital) products you want to promote, you need to sign up with the right affiliate program. If you want to start an affiliate website, WordPress is the best platform. A wide range of tools and plugins make it really easy to create a beautiful affiliate website.

Final Thoughts

WordPress is a go-to platform for creating any type of website. This open-source CMS (content management system) offers plenty of free and paid plugins for all website needs. Starting from a simple blog website to creating a complex online store, WordPress has everything you need.

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