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9 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App

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  • calendar December 5, 2022
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Are you unsure of whether your business really needs a mobile app?

To give your business the ability to reach a wider audience and stay ahead in the competitive market, your business needs a mobile app. With the rising number of mobile users, around 6.37 billion population uses smartphones.

While a website can be great for starting a relationship with customers, a mobile app can be used to deepen existing relationships.

Considering the outcome, investing in app development is worth the time, money, and effort.

9 Reasons Why Your Business Needs An App

Let me walk you through some reasons why you need a mobile app for your business:

Increase visibility

Having an Android and iOS app will help you improve visibility. Users spend around 5-6 hours daily on their smartphones. When you get your app installed, your audience will see your app every time they scroll through their phones. This way, they will memorize your business name and more people will get to know about your business.

Better user experience

When your business fails to deliver a quality user experience, it affects the brand image, negatively. A mobile app made with an appealing UI/UX design and proper functionality can offer a seamless browsing experience. A satisfied user won’t just consider your business for future purchases, but will also refer to friends & family.

Direct marketing channel

Do you want to send personalized marketing/informative messages to your audience? Well, that’s possible with a mobile app push notifications. This provides an opportunity to directly communicate with your audience. Personalized messages are way more result-effective than generic messages. A mobile app can be used as a direct marketing channel between you and your customers. Based on geolocation and user profiles, you can personalize messages.

Stay ahead of the competition

These days, the majority of brands and businesses are investing in websites, and not in app development. When you have a mobile app, you get a competitive edge over your competitors.

Improve customer engagement

With the mobile app, you can improve engagement with your customers through messaging, push notifications, etc. For example, you can add a messaging feature to your app, This will make it easy for your customers to engage with your business.

Get customer insights

By connecting your mobile app with analytics tools like Google Analytics, you will get to know your audience. It lets you track important metrics like the number of active users, audience behavior, time spent, etc. By analyzing these metrics, you can develop the right marketing strategy for your business.

New revenue source

Once you get your mobile app installed by your target audience, it gives you the ability to reach out directly to them. With the mobile app, you can reach a huge audience at less cost. Using the app, it becomes easy for customers to avail your products. Customers who want to make recurring purchases can purchase directly from your app.

Advantages over websites

Apps are better than websites in so many ways. Firstly, with the app, users can leverage the efficiency of different mobile features like camera, contacts, calling, etc. Mobile features will help you improve the user experience. Another good thing about having an app is, that it lets you send push notifications to the users. It works as a direct marketing channel. Compared to websites, mobile apps are a lot faster.

Better customer service

You cannot satisfy your audience with poor customer service. Apart from selling and marketing, the app can be used for providing customer service as well. Most common queries can be automated using chatbots. Using chatbots, you can answer your customers’ queries at a faster pace.

Final Thoughts

Depending on your products/services, target market, and other such factors, you need to choose from Android, iOS, or both. Though it can take time and money to develop an app for both operating systems (Android & iOS), it’s worth it.

By sending out push notifications and communicating, you can improve engagement with your customers. Through push notifications, you can send informative as well as commercial messages to your audience.

No matter whether you want to build an Android app or an iOS app, Encircle Technologies is here to help you. Our team specializes in popular frameworks like React Native, Swift, Ionic, Kotlin, Java, and jQuery mobile.


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